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How to look good wearing maxi dress Oct30


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How to look good wearing maxi dress

You see them worn by celebrities and you wish you could look as good as them in a maxi dress. Well you can! For casual look, wear your breezy maxi dress with flats but make sure it does not drag the floor. Embellished sandals give a summery vibe to your look.

If you need height, try wedge sandals but never go for boots. While some brave fashionistas try to wear their maxi dresses with chunky footwear, this style has wrinkled the noses of fashion experts.

If you are still planning on buying this long dress, start with one that has an appealing floral print. Match the lightweight fabric with soft hair look and you get a fresh cheerful style. One of the most important things in choosing your maxi dress is that it should be perfectly fitted particularly at the top portion.

Maxi dresses can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Whether you are a teenage girl or a woman of over 40, these chic and sleek dresses will help you draw attention when styled correctly.

Maxi dress looks perfect when partnered with fine diamond jewelleries and fine diamond rings.

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