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About the Author

“Fashion is my passion” words of Bryan Cinco- the great photographer and fashion blogger of Filmodela whose enthusiasm and undeniably love for style and designs have put him into the limelight. As he was an active blogger of Asian and U.S. fashion trends since way back his childhood, he never stopped and never been tired of following trends and latest news and updates on the fashion industry. No wonder that success is on his own feet right now as Filmodela reaches millions of people’s attention all over the world.

Bryan Cinco’s rich and artistic values helped him to be one of the country’s rising artists based on her experience and expertise. Childhood sketches and photographs are the proof of how talented he is. Indeed, no one can question his credibility and reliable hands and taste for fashion. He’s also a fashion blogger who intends to spread style and designs on every corner of the world. Believing that beauty can be achieved on looking good and being confident on how you look.

A product of Leyte, Philippines Bryan Cinco’s fashion sense and style had inspired such talents of Filmodela. Filmodela is fashion blog where various models, freelance or aspiring ones around the world can build their profiles and made their first step to stardom. With Bryan Cinco’s designs, Filmodela blog site is now a hot spot destination online for aspiring fashion designers and models as well as for extreme fashion addicts, who can witness his creativity and enthusiasm on this field of fashion.

His ideas have no limits. Amazing inspirations of his creations were really stunning and world class. Not so bad that this man from Leyte, just wanted to make Philippines proud of him. And now, as we get to know him, witness his styles and awesome taste for fashion with this Fashion corner online unlimited.